Arrival Of Windows 8 And Apps developers Dilemma?

Recently Developers have deliberately been focussing on iOS and Android as platforms of their choice for apps development. Although Microsoft has been conducting loads of training classes for developers around the world, overall developers response in terms of apps development for Windows seems to be a  bit luke worm. I  guess they are a bit cagey in taking up the efforts to support yet another platform without being really convinced with the its potential for bringing in appropriate ROI. One such example is a big name like Face book whose representatives have openly denied not developing Windows 8 based native app at this stage.
Developers who intend to start with a careful adoption of Windows 8 based app may have to rely initially on tools and services from the companies like Bsquare and Unity to port their iOS and Android apps and games for windows. Corona Sdk from Corona Labs has recently been a great help to the developers who are developing mobile apps for different platforms including iOS, Android, Nook Book, and kindle fire tabs. It will make sense if the makers of Corona also start supporting windows 8 through their SDK. This will allow developers to port their existing apps to Windows. Microsoft may want to control this space by allowing their own tools for development of apps for their platform. But this strategy may backfire. It will make sense if the management of Microsoft goes ahead and allow tool companies like Corona Labs with a strong developers following to start porting their existing apps. This will give Microsoft a route to quick catch up with the market leaders.
Windows 8 recent launch has no doubt created a big noise in the tech market. Let us see if it will meet or exceed the expectations it has created