Microsoft Has Finally Arrived With Windows 8 To the Party

Windows 8 has finally arrived here and has done it  with a big bang. Sins are there to believe that it is the best atempt yet from its developers. Microsoft has made it available for computer/laptops, Tabs(Surface) and mobile phones. Big mobile phone companies including Nokia, Samsung and HTC have started deploying windows 8 powered phones. Having Windows 8 on different categories of devices can be big plus as it means a uniform user experience for the users.Once user have gone over the initial learning curve, there are more chances of greater adoption of Windows powered devices (laptops, tabs and mobile phones. The overall offering of windows with its hooks in social media, multimedia contents and productivity tools  makes it a very useful operating system. It seems to be designed for a greater success. Existing fans of windows will welcome the arrival of this system with open arms. 
Although ipads the devices from Apple inc, have been very popular all over the world and  done a very successful business, the biggest reservation has been its suitability for enterprise market. A big number of travelling business user are quite keen to replace their existing laptops with lighter touch screen enabled tabs. The release of windows 8 powered surface tab makes a strong case of the selection of Windows over Ipads in the enterprise market.The success of Windows 8 powered tabs and phones will depend upon the user experience, robustness of the devices powered by this software and choice of available quality apps (applications). The jury is still out for Windows powered devices. We expect to have a good feedback from the tech market by the end of year 2012 and early 2013. This is the time when tech savvy users tend to buy their gadgets as their holidays or Christmas gifts.